Vol. X, No. 2


Preliminary Pages

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1.Marine Carrin and Lidia Guzy
The Performative Power of Indian Tribal Art : Introduction

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2. Marine Carrin
William Archer: Aesthete, Ethnographer and Administrator

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3.Raphaël Rousseleau
From Literature to Visual Arts: Verrier Elwin’s Collection and Definition of Adivasi Art

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4. Stefano Beggiora
The Theme of abduction in the Himalayan Folk Tales: From Narrative Topos to Primary Symbol in the Semiotics of the adivasi Language

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5. Lidia Guzy
Art as Education: The Revaluation of Adivasi Art in Higher Education Examples from the Indira Gandhi National Tribal University

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6. Tara Douglas
Collaborative Animation Film-making as a Method to Connect to Indigenous Cultural Knowledge

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7. Radhika Borde and Josef Novotný
Art Out of Place ? Toilets and Tribal Folk Art in Jharkhand

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